WaystoCap is happy to introduce its funding service for SMEs who want to grow their trading business

Our technology and algorithms make it faster for you to get a decision!

Fast Decisions To Access Capital

Technology First, Less Admin and Documents

Flexible and Responsible decisions

WaystoCap's trade funding is the quickest way for you to get approved for your funding needs. 

Working with us is easy because we know your industry! We have built the number one B2B trading platform in Africa, and we've been doing this for a long time.

We aim to give you an answer as quickly as possible, and we base ourselves on your real circumstances and use our local and easily accessible office in Casablanca and Cotonou and agents elsewhere to help you make your transactions more quickly.

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We want to work with you to grow your business

Go through our simple process and submit your application and receive an answer with as little as 48 hours. Our technology approach allows us to make decisions at the speed of pushing a button.


1. Who are your typical customers?

We have been working with small and medium size companies all over Africa for the last 5 years. We tend to focus on agro-commodity imports but also trade in other consumer and finished goods related industries.

2. Why do you need so much information about me and my business?

To make a proper assessment of our funding needs,  we need to understand both the product you seek to import, the quality of the supplier, and the ability to stay within the bounds of the agreement. We want to make sure our partnership is successful for you as well!

4. Are there industries you cannot work with?

We cannot work on trading that involves fire arms and illegal drugs. Please find a list of our prohibited items on

5. How does WaystoCap's funding work?

Once you have made your application, and submitted all the required documentation depending on where you are geographically we can give you an answer within days. If you are eligible for funding then we will handle the whole operation for you. The final price will include WaystoCap fees for our trading managed service. This will be completely transparent. You will also have a dedicated trading manager to assist you during the whole transaction and help you source your products more competitively.

6. Can I speak to someone?

Of course! Our team of dedicated account managers are ready to help.

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